Relief SingleLineRelief SingleLineRelief SingleLine

Relief SingleLine

Typographie aux contours ouverts & open source pour les makers

Disponible sur :
Adobe Font


Contributors :

Élisa Garzelli & Noëlie Dayma, isdaT Graphic Design Department students.

François Chastanet Instagram @francois_chastanet / Twitter @f_chastanet), isdaT Graphic Design Department teacher in typography and type design, general design and project coordination.

Tanguy Vanlaeys Instagram @vnls_tanguy + @cnc_type / Twitter @tanguy_vanlaeys, research on CNC type started at ANRT, advices on Inkscape + Hershey Text Extension usages and open paths (old) SVG fonts export tricks, TTF exports, illustrations and type specimen layouts.

Frederik Berlaen Instagram @typemytype / Twitter @typemytype, otf-svgMaker Python script for Robofont exporting from any skeletal UFO source an OTF-SVG color font permitting editable single-line typographic layouts in the Adobe environment (CC 2019 and above).